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Success Through Discipline

Success Through Discipline

Success Through Discipline


DOBBS PUBLIC SCHOOL has been started with the blessings under the able guidance of his Holiness Dr.Thava thiru Ramanantha Kumaragurubara Swamigal of Kaumara Madalayam, Saravanapuram, Coimbatore. The mutts history dates back to 1908. The mutt over the years has preserved our cultural heritage and has been working for the social upliftment of the people.

In the footsteps of his Holiness, DOBBS Public School has been entrusted in the able hands of well known educationalists. At DOBBS the focal point of our education emphasizes on intellectual growth, physical fitness, emotional well-being, and ethical values. These values prepare our students to be the torch bearer of our great country.


Message from Correspondent

Dear Parents and Students

DOBBS Public School was started with a clear and simple vision by the founders to empower future generations of young impressionable minds with high quality education. We at DOBBS believe in that mantra and will always strive to improve on it leaving no stone unturned.

Our founders, the Chairman of our school Mr. V.R. Gnanasambandam and President Mrs.P. Maragatham have spent a lifetime in teaching at various capacities. Thousands of students were taught by them over the last five decades and are better for it now, because of the dedication and commitment shown in their profession. Their steadfast belief that education is the only way to have a better life is etched in our minds and hearts and we pass it on to our students.

 Also, we at DOBBS believe not only in Education of the mind but also education in the civic duties of every student. We strive to instill a purpose and goal in every student’s heart and mind, so they become strong, independent and bright leaders for our country.

Our teachers and I, thank you all for your support and well wishes. Let’s support each other so we groom the next generation of empathetic and fearless leaders our society deserves.

Jai Hind



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